Warsaw is on the front line to support Kiev

To mark the start of the second year of the war, Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki visited Kiev with a gift: four state-of-the-art Leopard tanks. “They will help protect Ukrainian soldiers on the battlefield,” he said. Since then, several other super-armored vehicles have been forwarded, opening up a vast spectrum of deliveries. Because, with the conflict, Poland has become not only a third supplier of military aid to Ukraine, but also an almost exclusive logistics base for Western weapons. Hundreds of military trucks, vans and ambulances, thousands of guns, howitzers, rocket launchers, missiles wait in huge hangars, while at Rzeszow air base in the country’s south-east, rotations follow one another to replenish stocks . All around, dozens of engineers and mechanics are put in charge of repairing equipment damaged in the fighting in workshops.

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Director of the Polish Institute for International Affairs (PMSI), slawomir debsky Decrypts: “We are nearest and most concerned with the conflict. Putin reiterates that he wants to destroy Ukraine, with which we share a 500-kilometer border, which would mean, if he succeeds, we on the list Will be next” That’s why Warsaw has begun rearmament at all costs, planning to spend 30 billion euros, or 4% of its GDP, on its defense this year. The expert continues “Poles also know from experience that Russian soldiers are fierce with civilized society. That is why we have played a security role in comparison to our neighbors, militarily, as humanitarian and logistically, internationally. But ensuring the massive distribution of aid and reception of refugees on our streets.”

Every day a train leaves for Kiev

In one year, more than 9 million Ukrainians crossed the border, the largest population movement since 1945.


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