Ukraine ‘probably’ behind Kremlin drone attack

MOSCOW (Reuters) – The drone strike that targeted the Kremlin earlier this month was likely an operation organized by a special Ukrainian military or intelligence unit, the New York Times wrote, citing US officials.

This is in any case the assessment of US intelligence services based on listening to Russian and Ukrainian communications, the newspaper adds.

During these exchanges, Ukrainian officials said they believed their country was behind the attack, which caused no casualties or damage, while communications between Russian officials suggested it was a “false flag” operation. There was not, details the New York Times, which cites the anonymous official.

He said the attack appears to be part of a series of covert operations by the Ukrainian service, which is causing some discomfort among their ally – and main supplier of arms – the US.

US officials told the newspaper they do not believe the nighttime attack on the Kremlin was directly supported by President Volodymyr Zelensky, who denied responsibility for his country, while Moscow accused Kiev of attempting to assassinate Vladimir Putin. Even though the Russian President does not spend the night in the Kremlin and the explosive charge was of low power.

Russia also accused the US of being behind the attack, which Washington called “ridiculous”.

(Written by Guy Faulconbridge, French edition Tangi Salon, edited by Blandine Heinault)

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