Ukraine: Germany will authorize the export of its tanks when the USA will do the same

BERLIN (Reuters) – Berlin will allow the export of German-made tanks to Ukraine when the United States agrees to send its own tanks there, a German government source told Reuters.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has privately underlined the condition several times in recent days, added the source, who preferred to remain anonymous.

Western allies will meet on Friday at a US military base in Germany to discuss additional military support for Ukraine.

The German-made Leopard tanks – the spearhead of the military arsenal in Europe – are unanimously considered the only possible choice for massive support to Ukraine. But their delivery is suspended from the Berlin agreement, which is slow to give the green light.

The United States has already committed nearly $24 billion to help Ukraine defend against the Russian invasion.

Washington is expected to commit to supplying Stryker-type armored vehicles to Kyiv, but is not ready to export its own tanks to Ukraine, US officials said on condition of anonymity.

(Report Andreas Rinke and Maria Ponnezhath, written by Tom Sims; French version Camille Raynaud, edited by Nicolas Delame)

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