Ukraine: Europe and G7 countries issued register of losses from Russia

The United States, Japan, Canada and nearly all European countries on Wednesday signed a register of war damages caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a prelude to demands for compensation and lawsuits against Moscow, at a Europe meeting in Iceland. Council announced.

Launched on Tuesday on the sidelines of a summit of heads of state and government of the pan-European organisation, the census is the first step in the wake of compensation demands addressed to Moscow for thousands of victims and billions of people. Euro of Destruction.

In Wednesday morning’s tally, “we have almost 40 member states that have signed, and all G7 countries on three continents,” said Secretary General for Europe Marija Pejcinovic Burik on the second day of the summit.

“We wanted victim-centred justice,” said the head of the legal body, known for its European Court of Human Rights, welcoming the “necessary and urgent first step”.

The initiative, led by the organization’s Icelandic Presidency, aims to show that the file “Justice for Ukraine” is moving forward, when the prospect of a possible special tribunal for war crimes committed during the invasion remains distant.

The European Union has also signed up, in addition to most of its members, including France. EU member states Bulgaria, as well as Switzerland and Andorra, are finalizing their internal procedures to sign on in turn, according to the Council of Europe.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz welcomed the creation of the register, while stressing that “it does not address the question of reparation payments”. Europe, which wants to use the fruits of the tens of billions of Russian wealth to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine, could also use them to pay war reparations, he said.

– F-16 –

Ukraine is part of the Council of Europe, which expelled Russia in March 2022 following an invasion launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Without justice there will be no credible peace,” Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said via videoconferencing at the opening of the summit on Tuesday evening.

Kiev warmly welcomed the creation of this register, which would be based in The Hague (Netherlands) like the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The latter, initially created for three years, should collect complaints from victims and identify all human or material damage.

“It paves the way for a vast international compensation mechanism for the victims of the Russian aggression,” the Council of Europe said in a statement.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Crew said, “It is important to send the message to those who have suffered that we have not forgotten them and we will follow through.”

The summit, which brought together 46 European countries, “shows clearly that Putin has failed”, according to Olaf Scholz.

It comes at the end of an express tour of Volodymyr Zelensky in Europe, which took him from Rome to London via Berlin and Paris.

Ukraine’s head of state renewed his call on Tuesday for Western countries to deliver fighter jets to Ukraine, at a time when Kiev is expected to launch a major retaliatory strike.

The file has also taken a step forward: London and The Hague announced on Tuesday that they want to form “an international alliance” to supply Ukraine with F-16 fighters.

American made, these are common in air forces in Europe, although the UK does not have them.

“A good start for the coalition!”, congratulated Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday evening.

Several European countries are also replacing their F-16s with more modern F-35s, paving the way for donations of scrapped aircraft.

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