The incredible Ukrainian cyber-resistance to the Russian offensive

“The lesson of this conflict, begins Major General Aymeric Bonnemaison, French commander of cyber defense, during a press briefing at the Ministry of the Armed Forces, is that defense can take over the offensive. In general, attackers look for weaknesses in computer systems and they always end up finding them. But the Ukrainian war revealed that cyberattacks, no matter how complex, can still fail.

“The war in Ukraine did not start on February 23, 2022, but in 2014, insists General Aymeric Bonnemaison, French cyber-defense commander, it was then that the Russians carried out their first attacks.” In fact, cyber warfare requires years of preparation, infiltration, targeting of infrastructures so that on D-Day, the enemy’s main computer resources are neutralized. On February 24, Russia began the invasion of Ukraine with a cyber attack targeting the Viasat satellite network. The cyber “Pearl Harbour” hoped for by the Russian army will not however take place. Discreetly, Ukraine had developed a capacity for resistance which enabled it to remain standing. Without it, Ukraine would have been defeated, as shown by the Georgian precedent in 2008 and more recently the collapse of Costa Rica which found itself in a state of emergency just before the summer following a massive cyber attack orchestrated by Russian hackers.

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