Suicide bombing outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

KABUL (Reuters) – A suicide bombing claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group was carried out on Wednesday outside the headquarters of the Afghan Foreign Ministry in the capital Kabul, killing 5 people, police said, while a representative of the Ministry of Information mentioned a death toll of 20.

Local police spokesman Khalid Zadran said the final death toll was 5.

The attacker tried to enter the building but failed, said a representative of the Ministry of Information, Ustad Fareedun, citing a balance sheet of 20 dead and many injured.

Via its official press organ, IS claimed responsibility for the attack.

Several countries, including the United Kingdom and Pakistan, as well as the United Nations condemned the attack.

A photo of the area, authenticated by official sources, shows at least nine injured or killed people lying outside the ministry as security forces attend to them.

The Afghan power, led by the Taliban, is facing an insurrection of the EI group, which has targeted foreigners on certain sites, in particular the embassies of Russia and Pakistan as well as a hotel welcoming Chinese businessmen.

The explosion took place at a time of day when the area, located in a street housing several ministries and surrounded by checkpoints, was very busy.

A person in a nearby office, who asked not to be named, said they heard a loud explosion and were evacuated from their building.

Some countries, including Turkey and China, also have embassies in the area.

(Reporting Mohammad Yunus Yawar in Kabul and Jibran Ahamad in Peshawar; French version Kate Entringer, editing by Jean Terzian)

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