Space Engineer and Scholarship Recipient: Egg Skull at Harvard

For this native of Tahiti, good news came after getting into his MBA: a Sachs scholarship! Each year, about ten French people benefit from this scholarship, created in 1901 by Harvard graduate Arthur Sachs, whose family co-founded Goldman Sachs Bank. Since the late 1950s, the Sachs Scholarships have aimed, according to the will of their founder, “to help create forever the best relations between our two countries and to ensure that a certain number of young French people will be able to become successful in the future.” Concerning the Intellectual Elite Studies at Harvard”.

“In the early years, the scholarship covered all tuition fees; without it, some would not have been able to get into Harvard. Today, it is less,” says Gautier, who until last year chaired the scholarship holders’ alumni association. Was. Candidates (about a hundred per year) come from very diverse backgrounds and aim for very different experiences at Harvard. There are researchers, authors, publishers, professors, one of whom, Dominic Mosi, is now a professor at Harvard. Once accepted, scholarship recipients often find themselves under the wing of mentors, professors or researchers whose support will allow them to complete projects in France or the United States.


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