Russian missile barrage on Kiev, rare attack in broad daylight

Russia fired missiles at Kiev on Monday, triggering panic among residents who were trying to take shelter in a rare daylight attack and yet another night attack on Ukraine.

In another rare fact, Ukrainian officials have publicly acknowledged that a military site in the west of the country was hit by night attacks.

After a nighttime bombardment that did no major damage to the capital, anti-aircraft sirens sounded again in the morning, followed by a series of explosions at 11:10 am local time (0810 GMT).

“The enemy launched missile strikes against Ukrainian territory for the second time in 24 hours”, underlined Valery Zaluzny, commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army, assuring that all projectiles of this morning’s attack had been hit.

“A total of 11 Iskander-M and Iskander-K type missiles were launched from the north at Kiev and its region,” he said.

Prime Minister Denis Chmygal condemned this “sixteenth” attack on Kiev since the beginning of the month. “Russia is deliberately terrorizing the civilian population,” he said.

Mayor Vitali Klitschko wrote on Telegram, “The explosion in the city, in the central districts.” “Air defense is in action,” added the Kiev military administration.

-Parrified school children-

Faced with the power and intensity of the explosions during the interception of Russian missiles, many residents rushed to take shelter in underground shelters, particularly in the subway.

A video shared on social networks showed dozens of school children running down a street in a historic district of Kiev, screaming in fear after hearing the explosions.

“We are at the Khrechchatyk metro station because there has been an airstrike,” 27-year-old resident Maxim told AFP. “I saw many explosions – 6, 7 or 8 – in the sky. That’s why I came here with my colleagues.”

Russia has stepped up its airstrikes on the Ukrainian capital since the beginning of the month, but so far almost all attacks have taken place at night.

According to the mayor, one person was injured in the attack and has been hospitalized.

According to the military administration, debris from the downed missiles fell on at least three areas north and east of the capital, notably causing the fires.

“At first they started intercepting the missiles as usual. Then one of them fell on the road.’AFP Dmytro, a witness.

Municipal workers repair power lines in Kiev after a Russian missile attack on May 29, 2023 (AFP – Sergei SUPINSKY)

“It was very noisy, there were multiple explosions. The missile was intercepted with about 6-5 explosions,” he said.

– 40 cruise missiles –

Earlier in the day, the Khmelnytsky regional administration in western Ukraine said a military site had been hit by an overnight Russian attack, implying it was a depot and an army airfield.

Officials reported “fires at fuel depots” and military equipment and a damaged airstrip.

“The five flying devices have been taken out of service,” the administration said again, without giving further details.

Ukrainian officials generally make almost no mention of their military losses.

Shortly after this announcement, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that it had attacked “aerodromes” in Ukraine during the night and assured that it had destroyed “aeronautical equipment” and “facilities used for weapons storage”, including had “destroyed” all its targets. and ammunition”.

Beyond this attack in the West, the night was marked by a new large-scale airstrikes against Ukraine, the day after the “biggest” drone attack on Kiev since the start of the Russian invasion.

Commander Valery Zalouzny said on Monday “40 cruise missiles” were fired from planes over the Caspian Sea overnight and “about 35 drones” were fired from the north and south.

According to the military administration, in Kiev alone, “more than 40 air targets” were destroyed during the night.

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