Russia threatens “huge risks” if it supplies fighter jets to Ukraine

Moscow toughens the tone. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said on Saturday, May 20, according to the press agency CASS, that Western countries would take a “huge risk” if they supplied Ukraine with F-16 fighters.

Alexander Grushko said, “We see that Western countries continue to follow the growth scenario. It involves huge risks for them.”

“In any case, we will take this into account in all our plans and we have all the means necessary to achieve our goals,” he added.

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Joe Biden is in favor of training Ukrainian pilots

Ukraine has not yet received a commitment to supply the planes, but Joe Biden called on G7 leaders on Friday to take a step in that direction.

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan announced on Saturday that the US President has in fact approved the training of Ukrainian pilots on US-designed F-16 aircraft.

“Training will take place over the next few months and we will work with our partners to determine when and by how many aircraft will be delivered,” he said. Jake Sullivan also said that it was “highly likely” that Joe Biden would later meet with the Ukrainian president when he arrives in Japan.


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