Rocket fire against 2 power plants in eastern Ukraine under Russian control – TASS

(Reuters) – Two thermal power plants in Ukraine’s Donetsk region, under Russian military control, were damaged by Ukrainian army rocket fire, Moscow-based politicians said on Sunday. Russian state news agency TASS.

Officials added on their Telegram accounts that the attack on the Zuhres and Novyi Svit power plants also caused injuries. According to TASS, two people could still be trapped in the rubble at one of the two sites.

No comment could be immediately obtained from the Ukrainian authorities. These never claim their offensives on Russian soil or in Ukrainian territories under Russian control.

The ceasefire decreed unilaterally by Moscow on the occasion of Orthodox Christmas ended last night. Despite this truce, shelling rang out Saturday in the Ukrainian city of Bakhmout. Ukraine saw it as proof that Russian promises were not kept, while Moscow spoke of a response to Ukrainian fire.

(Lidia Kelly in Melbourne, Gilles Guillaume for the French version)

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