Moscow condemns anti-Russia and anti-China G7 rhetoric

(Reuters) – The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Monday that the rhetoric used by the G7 on nuclear power was aimed only at exerting psychological, military and political pressure on Russia and China.

During a summit in Japan last week, G7 leaders issued a statement on nuclear disarmament for the first time in which they urged Moscow and Beijing to be more transparent about their nuclear arsenals in a bid to emulate the United States, Great Britain and France. called upon to be

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister considered that the document portrayed the G7’s anti-Russian and anti-China tone with the sole purpose of increasing psychological and military-political pressure on Russia and China.

“Behind this is clearly a pathological desire to discredit our countries,” Sergei Ryabkov, Russia’s chief arms control representative, said in comments posted on his ministry’s website.

Russia and China sealed a “boundless” partnership last year, which was cemented during a visit to Moscow in March by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who met there with his “dear friend” and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Exchanges between Moscow and Beijing are on the rise, with the latest being Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin’s Monday evening arrival in China for discussions with Chinese delegates and business leaders.

(Written by Lydia Kelly in Melbourne; French edition Jean Terzien)

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