Lula denounces the attitude of the security forces after the events in Brasilia

by Lisandra Paraguassu and Adriano Machado

BRASILIA (Reuters) – Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Thursday that members of the security forces were guilty of complicity when a crowd of pro-Bolsonaro demonstrators ransacked the premises last week. of power in Brasilia.

It will be long and difficult to identify those who were guilty of the acts of vandalism committed in the capital of the country, but the beginnings of the investigation make it possible to establish certain responsibilities, said close advisers to Lula.

“There was a lot of complicity within the military police. Many members of the armed forces were complicit,” Lula told reporters. “I’m sure the door to the palace was opened to let these people in, because I didn’t see a broken door,” he added.

He also spoke out against the attitude of the army, which he accused of not having done enough to close the camp of Bolsonaro supporters set up in front of his headquarters for two months.

Thousands of pro-Bolsonaros invaded and ransacked the Supreme Court, Congress and the presidential palace in the Brazilian capital on Sunday, an escalation of tensions seen since Lula’s victory in the October 30 presidential election, which Jair Bolsonaro did not did not recognize.

An investigation has been opened to determine in particular how the trips of supporters of Jair Bolsonaro on board buses to Brasilia were financed and to shed light on the security flaws in the capital, where Lula ordered the intervention of the army until to January 31.

Ibaneis Rocha, governor of Brasilia and close to the former president, was one of the first to be put on the dock and he was suspended on Sunday by a Supreme Court judge.

(With Anthony Boadle; French version Nicolas Delame)

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