Legal battle between Ferrari’s PDT and his mother over Agnelli’s inheritance

(Read Juventus of Turin, §7)

by Emilio Parodi and Giulio Piovaccari

MILAN (Reuters) – A court in Turin is expected to rule in the coming weeks on a family dispute over the inheritance of Fiat car group founder, Italian emperor Agnelli.

The case concerned the estate of Gianni Agnelli, the former boss of Fiat and a symbol of post-war Italy’s economic boom, who died nearly twenty years ago.

It pits Giovanni’s daughter Margherita – who inherited 1.2 billion euros – against three of his eight children, the eldest of whom, John Elkann, is the current chairman of Ferrari and carmaker Stellantis, which today owns the Fiat brand. control.

Margherita, a 67-year-old artist and philanthropist, is calling for the “Geneva Pact” to be repealed after her father’s death, so that her five other children from the second marriage would not be harmed, according to reports. To the successor.

These agreements were signed in 2004, a year before his father’s death and when Fiat was on the verge of bankruptcy.

As part of the first agreement, Margherita received furnishings, works of art and cash. In return, he relinquished all influence in the Decembre company, a key element in the Agnelli family’s control of Exor, the holding company. A provision that thus strengthened the position of John Elkann, the successor named by Gianni Agnelli.

John Elkann, 47, now runs Exor, which has stakes in companies including the Italian press and Juventus football club Turin.

The second agreement had already settled the terms of succession for Margherita’s mother Marella, who only died in 2019 at the age of 91.

If the Turin court rules in her favor, Margherita can claim half of her late mother’s inheritance and a share of the Elcan family business.

A decision is expected by summer.

(Reporting by Emilio Parodi and Giulio Piovaccari; French version edited by Nathan Vifflin, Jean-Michel Bellot)

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