Israel: soldiers and spies stand against Netanyahu’s judicial reform

Hundreds of reservists belonging to cyber intelligence units, air force or navy, former heads of the Shin Bet (internal intelligence), 400 army officers, some of whom headed the Mossad (foreign intelligence), in short, the crème de la crème of Israel Security forces move against Netanyahu government’s judicial reform Its purpose is to limit the Supreme Court’s ability to invalidate laws and to give the majority political coalition the power to appoint judges. Media interviews, public letters, grassroots action, denial of service, everything is good to condemn this reform. Thus, reservist sailors blockaded the Haifa port in protest.

Another initiative, that of veterans of the Entebbe commandos who participated in the 1976 rescue of 98 hostages. Their commander, Prime Minister’s brother Yoni Netanyahu was killed in this operation. In his letter, he writes: “Yoni Netanyahu, who knowingly, and with his eyes open, sacrificed himself for the State of Israel and the people of Israel” while “It is sad, but you, Bibi, knowingly and with your eyes The sacrifices the State of Israel and the people of Israel make are open to your own interests.” Reference to the fact that the Prime Minister is accused of corruption, fraud and treachery, which is the main reason for this judicial reform.



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