investment fever in gulf countries

Ardean, McLaren, Blackstone, KKR, SoftBank, Carlyle, sports investment fund Monumental Sports, PGA Tour Golf League… Not a week goes by without a sovereign wealth fund from a Gulf country announcing a huge investment in the gem of Western finance Be it industry or services.

Even Lazard, the Franco-American investment bank with a storefront in Paris, wanted its share of the pie by trying to approach Emirati fund ADQ, before early announcements to their exchanges caused the deal to fail by June.

As the rest of the world heads into recession, the petro-monarchy is turning bitter towards international companies: they seem to be the last area capital is flowing into, which is oil and gas for a year. increased by a jump in the prices of

One-third of the capital is held by sovereign wealth funds

Between them – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait – the Gulf countries manage around $3,700 billion in assets across twenty funds in 2023, according to an estimate by the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute. They represent more than a third of the global capital held by sovereign wealth funds.

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“Gulf sovereign wealth funds have become leading investors since the 2008 financial crisis,


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