Federal prosecutors and police in the sights of Congressional Republicans

Finally in battle order, the elected Republicans launch their crusade in Congress on Tuesday against the administration of President Joe Biden, with the establishment of a commission to investigate … its investigators.

The new majority of the House of Representatives, which tore last week around the election of the “speaker”, must approve in the afternoon the creation of a “special commission on the instrumentalization” of the agencies federal by the White House.

According to the draft resolution, this panel will investigate how “the executive branch collects information about U.S. citizens, including in ongoing criminal investigations.” In the viewfinder: federal prosecutors, the FBI, the tax services…

Donald Trump’s allies do not hide the fact that it is a question of questioning the reasons which justified the opening of several investigations against the former Republican president.

The Department of Justice and the federal police “have been instrumentalized by the Biden administration against its political opponents, in particular during the unprecedented search of the house of President Trump”, declared the elected Elise Stefanik on Fox News.

Chip Roy, one of the slingers who blocked Kevin McCarthy’s accession to the perch for four days, explained that his group had demanded significant resources for this commission before falling into line.

“We got more resources, more details and more power to target Biden’s recalcitrant government,” he boasted, on the same channel.

– “Non-Americans” –

According to him, it will have the same room for maneuver as the “commission of inquiry into January 6, 2021”, with a Democratic majority. The latter exposed, during ultra-high-profile hearings, the responsibility of Donald Trump in the assault on the Capitol, before recommending that he be prosecuted criminally.

The members of the new body will notably be able to issue mandatory summonses or injunctions to provide documents.

The Department of Justice should, however, seek to protect the confidentiality of its investigations, especially those that are still ongoing.

For the elected Democrat Jerry Nadler, it is “a new version of the commission on un-American activities” which, until 1975, carried out investigations against communist propaganda, targeting several cinema personalities anchored to the left.

The opposition seeks to “extremely politicize the justice system” and “protect” the Trump movement from prosecution related to the attack on the Capitol, he added on Twitter.

– Afghanistan, migrants and Hunter –

This commission is only the first of a long series. Right after his election, on the 15th round of voting, Kevin McCarthy promised to scrutinize President Joe Biden’s record.

He referred to investigations into the chaotic American withdrawal from Afghanistan or the migration policy on the border with Mexico, where migrant arrivals are at historic levels.

Republicans also want to look at Democrats’ handling of the Covid pandemic, including restrictions they say have hurt the US economy and infringed on American freedoms.

On a more personal level, they are threatening to open an investigation into Hunter Biden, accused of using his father’s name to do business in Ukraine and China.

The leader of the House Democrats, Hakeem Jeffries, accused them of wanting to create “revenge hearings”, disconnected from the concerns of Americans.

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