Brazil: Attacking Congress, Bolsonarists cry “military intervention”

“Military intervention”! howl Bolsonarists who invaded by hundreds and ransacked the Brazilian Congress on Sunday, a yellow and green tide of violent radicals who refuse to accept the result of the presidential election.

“We patriots were robbed at the ballot box by Lula,” Isabella Silva, a 49-year-old civil servant, told AFP. “I’m asking the Armed Forces to take over and clean up Congress, do a general cleanup.”

These supporters of the far-right ex-president Jair Bolsonaro, defeated by a short head by the left-wing candidate, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, have been demanding the intervention of the army since the second round on October 30.

Tirelessly, they demonstrated in front of military barracks, unable to accept a return to power Lula for a third term, after those of 2003 to 2010.

Sarah Lima, a 27-year-old engineer, is in Three Powers Square with her 19-month-old twins: “I came for the story, for my daughters”. “We need to restore order after this fraudulent election,” she told AFP.

They are all three dressed in the yellow jersey of the Sele├žao, the Brazilian football team, a symbol that the bolsonarists have appropriated.

She made the trip from Goianesia, 300 km from Brasilia, in the neighboring state of Goias, because she wants a recount of the votes to “know if it was really that or not”.

“We do not recognize this government because it is illegitimate,” added Victor Rodrigues to AFP, who, like hundreds of other pro-Bolsonaro supporters, has camped since the election results in front of the army command. in Brasilia, to demand “military intervention”.

Some of them had also blocked main roads for more than a week after the election.

This rallying cry of “military intervention” continued to rise from the crowd who remained around the Congress for hours, despite the fumes of tear gas or the water cannons of the police.

– “We will return” –

After more than four hours, the police managed to evacuate the Congress, where the damage is numerous, the demonstrators breaking everything they could in this modernist building which houses the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

They climbed the ramp leading to the roof from where they were dislodged by stun grenades launched by the police from a helicopter, AFP found.

Unlike the January 2021 assault on the US Congress in Washington, which occurred on a weekday, overrun government buildings in Brasilia, including the Planalto presidential palace and the seat of the Supreme Court, were empty on Sunday.

According to CNN, protesters set fire to the carpet in a Congressional lounge, which had to be flooded to put out the fire.

On the windows of the facade which were not broken were inscribed some of the demands: “Intervention now”, “Suppression of the three powers”, executive, legislative and judicial.

In the square, two police cars were vandalized and at least one was set on fire.

As night fell, the police finally evacuated the three buildings and made arrests. Jair Bolsonaro himself condemned “the depredations and invasions of public buildings”. But he at the same time “rejected the accusations, without proof” of Lula, who said the speech. of his predecessor had “encouraged” the “fascist vandals”.

Victor Rodrigues, affirms that he will not give up the fight: “We are not backing down, we will leave here but we will come back”.

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