Biden-Trump: towards a hypothetical return match in 2024

American politics is paved with paradoxes. The latest example? The affair of the confidential documents found at the think tank and at Joe Biden’s residence. On the one hand, this is bad news for Joe Biden: it weighs on his popularity and risks allowing Donald Trump to escape indictment for having also taken away sensitive documents. But seen from another angle, this is excellent news: the prospect of seeing Trump back in the saddle, and in a credible position to win the Republican primary, justifies more than ever that the Democrat is a candidate for re-election!

A near certainty: Biden has decided to stack up again. Last September, he had already told CBS News that he wanted to represent himself and that he was maturing his decision with his family and loved ones. In December, during the state dinner with Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, the two couples had a playful toast to the American’s next re-election campaign. This time it’s serious: according to CNN, Biden should officially announce his candidacy at the end of February or the beginning of March. A source close to the president confirmed the info to CBS News.


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