Bangladesh: Iron Lady Sheikh Hasina has no intention of relinquishing power

Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina is the longest-serving head of state in the world. In his twenty years in office, he has lifted many of his fellow citizens out of poverty, thanks to the 7% annual GDP growth seen during this period. At the age of 75, she led her party, the Awami League, to four electoral victories, one more than Indira Gandhi or Margaret Thatcher.

Ahead of next year’s elections, she is expected to win again. economist In late May he was asked what his ambitions were for the future. “I want to make Bangladesh a developed country free of poverty and hunger,” she begins, before abruptly changing the subject. Two months later, on 12 July, thousands of Bangladeshi opposition supporters defied monsoon rains to take part in a massive demonstration in the capital, Dhaka. their aim? Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina resigns ahead of next year’s elections.

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