After a happy schooling at Harvard, the choice to return to France

Among the French from Harvard we met, a surprising little music was imposed on almost everyone, music we might not have heard 10 or 20 years ago, when the myth of the “American dream” seemed irresistible: they refuse to return. As for France, some even say “quality of life” – an argument that comes up constantly –, it is certain to return there one day for family or friends.

Salome Garnier has taken the plunge, and yet there’s nothing anti-American about her. She was also born 23 years ago in Atlanta, coincidentally her parents did their Masters there. But although he spent the first years of his life there and had an American passport, the United States was an abstraction to him. As of February 2017. That month, the Garnier family visits Boston universities for Salome’s twin sister. “While we were there, we visited Harvard, like tourists. And there I fell in love. The campus was covered in snow, it was spectacular”.


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