A Russian minister says Moscow is ready to honor the New Start treaty if Washington stops being “hostile”.

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia is ready to fully comply with the bilateral New Start treaty limiting Russian and US nuclear arsenals until 2026 if Washington abandons its “hostile stance” towards Moscow, the deputy minister said. Said. Russian press agencies.

The US also said this week that it was ready to abide by the treaty if Moscow did so. Meanwhile, Washington has indicated it will stop providing Russia with some information required under the treaty, including location data for its missiles and launchers, in retaliation for Moscow’s “relentless violations” of the accord.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced last February that Moscow was suspending its participation in New Start, though not formally withdrawing from the pact, demanding that Washington end its support for Ukraine and Seeks a multilateral agreement that would include France and Great Britain.

According to Sergei Ryabkov, the US decision did not come as a surprise to Moscow and Russia’s choice to suspend the New Start treaty despite retaliatory measures remains valid.

“Whatever action or retaliation the United States takes, our decision to suspend the START treaty is unshakable,” he was quoted as saying by TASS news agency.

“And our own condition for returning to a fully functioning treaty is that the United States abandon its fundamentally hostile stance toward Russia,” he added.

(Reuters report)

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