Women’s World Cup: many fans behind the Bleues


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It’s time for the Women’s World Cup, jointly hosted by New Zealand and Australia. An important event that smiled at the two host countries. Each won the opening game. The French can count on many supporters.

Football fever ignites the stadium in Auckland (New Zealand). 37,000 people in unison were in attendance for the kick-off of the 9th Women’s World Cup, which rocked the nets 8,900km away in Normandy. Young players are already being seen there. They will not miss any of France’s games. “The cry from the stadiums, all the players playing, it really makes you want to do the same thing. This is also why I wanted to start playing football (…)”says Ambrine, 14, a footballer for Club Féminin Houlgatais Collé.

The number of players is growing

A wider audience is interested in women’s football. As a result, the number of practitioners of the sport, which has already been on the rise since 2011, has increased more rapidly in recent years. To convince the most reluctant that the women’s game has nothing to envy to that of men, a clip suggests by falsifying the images that it is the players of the French men’s team who perform spectacular actions. But for Louisa Necib, a former soccer player, France is lagging behind its European neighbours.

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