without a broadcaster in France, “it will mean that women’s football is backtracking”, worries Wendie Renard

Two months before the competition, the competition still hasn’t found a buyer. For now it’s a black screen because no broadcaster has agreed to pay the rights.

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French player Wendie Renard next to Slovenian defender Sara Agrez during a match in Le Mans, April 12, 2022. (FRANCK FIFE/AFP)

Will the French be able to see Wendie Renard and her teammates at the 2023 World Cup? So far, no broadcaster has agreed to pay the TV rights for the competition, which takes place in Australia and New Zealand from 20 July to 20 August.

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A solution must be found for weeks. The sports minister reiterated this on Saturday 13 May during the women’s French Cup final. However, just 66 days into the event, no television channels showed up. Something to worry and annoy Wendie Renard, the captain of the French women’s team: “I think we can only have a broadcaster because women’s football is being bornsays Wendie Renard. If we don’t have a broadcaster, that means we’re going backwards.”

“Now there are competent people who will make decisions.”

Wendie Renard, captain of the French women’s team

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Fifa finds offers unacceptable

The Bleues boss puts pressure on the federation, Fifa and potential broadcasters. It is necessary that all parties eventually agree, unless the positions are still too far apart. “A World Cup that takes place this summer has never happened.explains Sacha Nokovitch, the newspaper’s media specialist The group. After July 14, the advertising market collapses, audiences are much less strong.

“We have a FIFA that wants around 20 million euros, which is more or less what they asked for the World Cup in France four years ago. And we have channels that are positioned around 5 or 7 million euros, no more, given the market reality.”

Sacha Nokovitch, journalist of “l’Équipe”

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Offers deemed unacceptable by Fifa, too greedy to believe in chains. The world authority demands a fair price, but is slow to fix it.

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