Will the RPL decide to strike?

Surprising as it may sound, but with more or less the same message, the once again unjustly convicted Atlético Madrid addressed not so long ago all the clubs in La Liga – with the exception of Barcelona and Real Madrid, of course , this tandem in the Spanish championship plays the role of the Russian “Zenith”. But, as expected, most of the participants have so far ignored this proposal, the head of La Liga, Javier Tebas, knows the facts about him: he is still a fan of authoritarian schemes. So the Spaniards have decided to wait a little longer, but they can afford it: they have fans who regularly fill stadiums and put on shows and actions in support of their teams and against the arbitrariness of the judges. The leadership of the local judiciary does not change the interpretation of the rules every year. In the end, now La Liga has a “Negreira affair” – it’s rather difficult to imagine something like this in the Russian championship. We will not be accused of an influential and wealthy club – at best they will put the judge on a polygraph and will be suspended for life, whatever the lie detector shows.

In general, Ms. Salikhova knows what she’s talking about. All Premier League teams can afford to organize protests.

– If the judges continue to do what happened with Martins and Tyukavin, then we must take the players off the field, refuse to continue the game, – suggested Feduna’s wife.

Indeed, it seems that there are still no other levers of influence. Putting every judge who got it wrong on a polygraph isn’t enough polygraphs. And they will not raise the level of professionalism of Russian referees. In 2020, Zarema’s husband Leonid Fedun already tried to radically resolve the issue with our referees: he threatened to remove Spartak from the championship, claiming that he was tired of participating in this antics. But he didn’t dare to take this step: the problem with the referees doesn’t start on the field, but at the top, in the ESC.

The RPL has played just two rounds since the league resumed after the winter break, and how many refereeing errors have already occurred and two referees have gone on unpaid leave until the end of the season – Anton Frolov and Evgeny Kukulyak. There were still enough referees for the 18th round, but in the 19th round Vitaly Meshkov and Sergey Ivanov were on the bench due to mistakes in the previous stage, Yan Bobrovsky withdrew due to health problems.

In the 20th round, the choice became even smaller: for example, Vladislav Bezborodov, who worked in the match Spartak – Fakel (3: 2), and Vitaly Meshkov, who was not called up from the bench after the match, did not have received appointments . Spartak” – “Ural” (2:2). But the head of the refereeing committee of the RFU, Pavel Kamantsev, remains optimistic. The teams do not go on strike, the salaries of the judges have been increased, which means that everything is under control. And , as much as Zarema Salikhova urged the clubs “not to chew on snot”, something is unlikely to change dramatically overnight – the inhabitants of the elite division are clearly not ready to strike a pose or unite. you know, “all happy families are alike and every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”


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