why does the competition still not have a broadcaster in France?

While the Women’s World Cup kicks off in less than four months, no broadcaster has the rights to broadcast the competition in France.

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In 2019, the United States won the competition organized in France.  (FRANK FIFE/AFP)

The kick-off for the Women’s World Cup will be given in less than four months, on July 20 in Australia and New Zealand. But in France it is not yet clear which television channel will broadcast the event as no broadcaster has yet bought the rights to the competition.

First of all, the time difference with the two organizing countries, Australia and New Zealand, poses a problem. When France play, for example, their group stage matches, it will be noon in Paris. “These are the worst timeslots for European and French broadcasters, in particular” judge Vincent Chaudel, co-founder of the Sport Business Observatory.

Unfavorable context for TV rights

After the unsuccessful tender for the rights to this 2023 World Cup, Fifa, the International Football Association, is now negotiating directly with the broadcasters.

“Amazon’s latest Football League win fell short of the league’s expectations”analyzes Vincent Chaudel for whom the situation of television rights for the Women’s World Cup fits into a more global context. “The federation had difficulty selling the rights to the Coupe de France”, continues the specialist, “We are in a situation where there has been significant investment in France and where there will be significant investment. There is the Rugby World Cup in 2023, the Olympic Games in 2024. Broadcasters are cautious about their investments.”

During the last Women’s World Cup held in France, it was TF1 that obtained the television rights for around ten million euros.

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