Where will leading English talent Jude Bellingham go? There are three real contenders

Jude Bellingham is the main tidbit of the 2023 transfer window. The English youngster currently belongs to Borussia Dortmund, who want to re-sign the current contract (valid until 2025), but it goes without saying that the boy has clearly outgrown the average German club , which is far from always fighting for the first places.

Applicants are called different, but three representatives are always included in the number of the main and most real buyers: Manchester City, Real Madrid, Liverpool. And where is better?

Manchester City

Pep Guardiola has openly admired Jude several times, and now his compliments can play a significant role in the transfer. Relations between Borussia and MS have strengthened in recent years, and Erling Haaland and Manuel Akanji will not lie that their choice in favor of the Citizens was the right one. They will also become leverage for negotiations with Jude, albeit a small one.

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At first glance it may seem that the move to Manchester City does not seem clear-cut for Bellingham, as he can get bogged down in stiff competition, but this is not the case. MS doesn’t have many players similar in style to Bellingham, and we shouldn’t forget that Kevin de Bruyne himself is almost 32, so a possible decline isn’t far off either.

Jude’s arrival could untie Pep’s hands on the sale of Bernardo Silva, sent to Catalonia in the last transfer window.

Bellingham is a versatile central midfielder who will diversify City’s game and make them stronger.

Given City’s frequent failures in the Champions League, Jude is not guaranteed a “big-eared” trophy, but is provided with titles in England.


The other contender is called Liverpool, which according to many is the leader in the English race. Jude could have been at Liverpool before moving to the Bundesliga, but at the time Jurgen Klopp made no hasty steps, choosing to rely on already existing players.

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And now it’s time to bet on Jude. Liverpool’s midfield is in urgent need of a makeover, and if the 19-year-old midfielder becomes a Liverpool player, there is no doubt that the Reds will once again fight for high titles, including in the Champions League.

In favor of Jude also the game model of Klopp, in which he will be as comfortable as possible. 4-3-3 with a mobile center, safety nets and a high pace of play: these are the conditions in which the best qualities of an Englishman are revealed.


In the case of Real Madrid, it’s much more difficult. If Jude’s place at City and Liverpool is almost guaranteed, and it will not be a problem to remove conditional Jordan Henderson or Cole Palmer from the team, then in Madrid it will be incredibly difficult to break the duo of Toni Kroos and Luka Modric.

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The two players listed above will have their contracts expire next summer, and the outcome of Jude’s transfer will depend on this. I’m sure if they both extended their contracts, Bellingham would refuse a move to Real Madrid. If at least one of them leaves, then chic prospects open up before Jude.

But on the other hand, Jude should not forget that not all English people have taken root in Spain. Michael Owen and his sad history with Madrid will not let you lie.

And who else is there?

Chelsea, PSG, Manchester United and even Arsenal cannot be ruled out, but Jude’s move to one of the listed clubs is hard to believe for various reasons. Someone will not have enough financial resources, and it will be unprofitable to go to someone and only Bellingham.


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