when the American club Argy is rescued by migrants



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O. Delarue, M. Foquin, P. Genty, R. Multon – France 2

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The US Argy soccer team was about to die in Argy. About fifteen migrants saved the structure.

“We had an empty structure, which was emptying and they were looking for a place”confides Jean-Marie Biaunier, president of US Argy, from the town of Argy (Indre), evoking the “fifteen or sixteen who came to save the club”. “They arrived on July 2, we talked in our little clubhouse. They were takers and we were takers. Eight days later, we were having a banquet”adds Jean-Marie Biaunier. “Frankly, he’s a nice president. At the beginning we didn’t all speak French, it was a bit complicated to play football, but we know the ball so it was easier to communicate with the ball.”says a player.

“We’re still looking to expand a bit”

“It’s the players, it’s a football team, but it’s also a family. We’re still trying to grow a bit”says Michel Manique, coach. “I think we celebrated the club’s centenary two years ago. Luckily we are here because otherwise the US Argy club was no longer there”trust Nenette.

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