When apneists push the limits of the human body


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3 minutes and 35 seconds breathless and, at the end of the suspense, an broken world record. The French Arnaud Jarald fell to 122 meters deep on Thursday 20 July.

Thursday 20 July in the Bahamas, the French Arnaud Jerald, a professional apneist, has conquered a new world record of Dual Fin. A silent dip in the abysses, lasting 3 minutes and 35 seconds, until you reach 122 meters deep. A company that flirts with the limits of the human body. “I was calm, there is a good safety team around me. Very happy to do this dive after a busy winter in training and a lot of time spent here in the Bahamas”he has declared.


In this discipline, the French have excelled for several years. At 38, Alice Modolo holds the current female record: 96 meters deep. She reached her business of her just over a year ago. But danger is never far away. In 2015, Guillaume Néry attempted a 129 meter dive with a single -line. An error in the length of the cable has almost cost him life. During the climb, Nice was close to death, losing knowledge. He now uses the extraordinary physical skills that he has developed to make underwater films.

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