What do the French think of the Paris 2024 Olympics?


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The countdown begins… In 500 days, France will host the Olympic Games. What do the French think of this great event? Journalist Adrien Rohard asked them the question.

In 500 days, France will host the Olympic Games. However, a recent Odoxa poll reveals that only 22% of French people say they are confident in France’s ability to organize these Olympics. Journalist Adrien Rohard asked three Frenchmen what these Games mean to them. “I’m not an absolute sports fan. […] However, I am very happy that Paris can accommodate [les JO]“, says Anne. On the other hand, for Joannie, “participate in the Olympics” it’s a “dream“.

Unreachable prices

Maxime was lucky enough to get tickets to “athletics, horse riding and rugby“. The young man got these tickets at reasonable prices. Not everyone is like that, especially Joannie. She testifies: “I logged in to try and get tickets. We saw the prices, we were disappointed. The prices are extortionate, when the Olympics should be a popular sport.” Thus, 82% of the French believe that the prices are not affordable.

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