“We’ll cut off your fingers.” PSG fans threaten Serbian debutant with bodily harm

French “Paris Saint-Germain” continues the summer transfer campaign. The team coach, Luis Enrique, together with the management, has already brought several serious reinforcements, the club was replenished by Marco Asensio, Milan Skrinyar, Manuel Ugarte and others. Serbian Juventus player Dusan has been considered for the striker position Vlaovich.

From a sporting point of view, the choice is justified and even successful, but the troubles have come from where they didn’t expect. The active part of the Parisian club’s fans took up arms against the recruit. Several activists have openly threatened the player with death if he joins their team. We tell you what exactly infuriated PSG fans.

What really happened. Eight fans turned to face the banner of the “Parks des Princes” stadium, which “greeted” Vlahovic. The message was really intimidating: “If you go to Paris, we will cut off three of your fingers,” the banner said. The photo with this appeal immediately spread on social networks and caused a wave of horror and indignation.

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As it turned out, this The performance refers to a joint photo taken by Vlahovic with Getafe’s Spanish defender Stefan Mitrovic and Torino’s Italian midfielder Nemanja taken at the Serbian national team headquarters. Radonic. Players wore T-shirts with a map of the country showing the Kosovo region as part of Serbia.

Also, players made a certain support gesture by holding up three fingers. It is quite common in the state and arose several centuries ago and associated with the image of the Holy Trinity. It is now used to denote joy, the triumph of victory. During the war, Bosnian Serbs were encouraged to vote in the 1991 referendum with three-finger posters. During conflicts, Serbian soldiers held up three fingers in victory.

However, in some countries, the three raised fingers of Serbs are considered an insult. This is especially true for the former countries that were part of Yugoslavia. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that in recent years this gesture has been common among Serbian nationalists.

Some athletes have already managed to demonstrate this gesture in order to cause huge hatred in their address. AS, for example, at the turn of the century, Perth footballer Glory Slobodan Despotovski, in an Australian First Division match, flashed three fingers at Melbourne Knights fans, among whom were many ethnic Croats who were frankly enraged at such a deed. They booed the player for the rest of his performances in the national championship.

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Serbian defender Dusko Tosic, who played for Besiktas, used this gesture in the Euro 2016 qualifying match after the match with Albania. The game, already nervous and saturated with politics, turned into a boiling cauldron after this act. The player has just left the stadium, lighters, glasses flew and some Albanians tried to jump onto the pitch and reach the Serbian. Even after returning to Istanbul, Dusko continued to receive threats for a long time.

Thus, Vlahovic’s gesture could seriously offend PSG fans, among whom there are Croatian and Albanian ethnic groups. They directly and came out with a banner. Now the Serbian striker will have a very difficult time if he decides to move to France. To cool the ardor of the ultras, Dusan will have to show exorbitant results on the field.


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