VIDEO. Meeting with Loïs, melon driver of the Tour de France caravan


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Like every year, the Tour de France advertising caravan is back on the road with the brands and their emblematic vehicles. And this year we met Loïs, 25 years old and driver of the E.Leclerc melon.

In the car ! From July 1 to 23, the Tour de France caravan hits the French roads to distribute gadgets, delicacies and drinks and paves the way for the riders competing to win the Tour de France cycling race. And in this fun procession, we met Loïs, 25 years old and driver of the E.Leclerc melon. A physical education teacher first and foremost, he traded his sports gear for this little racing machine, a quad bike surrounded by nothing short of refreshing decor. And to participate nothing simpler: “We contact recruitment agencies and then pass tests in a garage located near Paris, to certify that we are a good driver. And only then can you be the quad bike rider.“, explain Lois.

“It’s quite vibrant”

Like every morning, the caravaneers meet for a small dance at 10:30. Then comes the debriefing with the directors and leaders of the caravans, to communicate, discuss and then give the green light for the departure of the caravan towards the stage. “People push us uphill. It makes me laugh, and then it’s quite vibrant. Driving on the roads of the Tour is legendary.” explains Lois. Direction Courchevel, departing from Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, with tight switchbacks to music. “As you can see, it’s turning, we’re cornering. We attack the last big pass, the pass where everyone is waiting for us. This is where the atmosphere is. This is where you also have to play with the audience. We’re at kilometer 30, we’ve just passed the Col des Saisies, and we’re downhill and there’s an absolutely magnificent panorama, with all these mountains. It’s splendid. I like. It is a real experience that you have to live to realize it.

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