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As France enter the Women’s World Cup, Amel Majri talks about her daily life as the first female soccer player to pursue her professional career after having a baby and playing in the league.

“If I could do it again, I would”. If some time ago Amel Majri had confided in an interview her hesitation to repeat the same path, in particular due to breastfeeding, insomnia and weight loss, today she says she sees all the love that her daughter brings her, but also the energy and the challenge of returning, as an athlete, to the highest levels after a pregnancy. “By getting pregnant, we also know we’re gone long enough. So it’s a very, very big challenge, but hearing that we are being accompanied back gives you extra strength and also makes you want to say to yourself: ‘I can have a child peacefully and serenely’. Having your child with you, at least, means you have no head elsewhere. And it also allows me to be fully focused on my business and to be maximally concentrated.

Let yourself be accompanied in this new life

When Amel Majri speaks of support, she is referring directly to her federation, which had promised her some accommodations. “The federation called me to find out how the club was going, so that they had this time in advance and that it would allow me to be in the same conditions as the club. Initially I had concerns. Because between what we are promised and what will be, sometimes it doesn’t necessarily happen, but here it really happened as they told me. These promises kept have allowed the footballer to be more confident, to take his daughter everywhere with him and to remove a “less mental load” to the young mother. She explains that she has notably exchanged with other athletes, even young mothers, including judoka Clarisse Agbegnenou and basketball player Valériane Vukosavljević on the agreements made by each of their respective federations. “I think we are somewhat on an equal footing, let’s say. But for me, we can still do better.

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