VIDEO. After the World Cup with Olivier Giroud

A few months after the Blues’ defeat at the World Cup in Qatar, the forward of the French national team, Olivier Giroud, 36, retraces this failure and the significant episodes of his career.

On December 18, the French team faced Lionel Messi’s Argentine team during the World Cup at the Stade de Lusail in Qatar. After the penalty shoot-out, the Argentinians win the trophy. “It hurts, but there’s always some good in coming out defeated, you have to remain a philosopher”, explains Olivier Giroud.

I’m closer to the end of my career

The sportsman does not havehad too much time to gambergerBecause from January 4 he was already competing in his club, Milan. However, he says he has “he had a lot of pain, of course, sadness“.”But we were really comforted by the French public who were even more proud of us. He warmed our hearts”.

To those who want the footballer to return to play in France, Olivier Giroud cannot answer: “I am in negotiation to extend to Milan. A return to Ligue 1? I can’t promise anything”comments the sportsman. For the future, in the coming years, he is certain he doesn’t want to be a coach. “For now, I don’t want to train”. She intends to “he stays in football, because that’s what (he) knows best”.

In the meantime, ensurehave fun in the field, especially as the end is fast approaching. I’m closer to the end of my career, so I’m savoring every moment”. He also takes the time topass it on to the little ones when they need it. That’s it, bring your experience”.

My Christian faith is my rock

In 2016, Olivier Giroud was subjected to a real beating. To protect himself from possible attacks, the AC Milan forward rarely consults social networks: “Social networks, I went back to them early last year for my sponsors but it’s not like I’m really connected to them. If I can give one piece of advice to the new generation, it’s not to worry too much about what you say. My Christian faith has also helped me a lot”.

Devout Catholic, Olivier Giroud believes religion is his own”Force” and its “rock”: “I prayed a lot to make certain choices. After, I’m also well surrounded. The fact of always believing in your lucky star and trusting in God, has always brought me a lot of humility, to put things in perspective, to always stay positive”. As for the near future, with Milan, he hopes”good run in the Champions League against Tottenham”.

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