Valentina Gunina: We play roulette in chess

– IN You beat several male grandmasters at the rapid chess tournament in London. What helped you win?

– Many. You helped think like elephants! But seriously, when women play in men’s tournaments: rapid chess, blitz, then the concept of superiority is canceled.

– There is a concept in chess – luck?

– And then, how! Let’s play roulette, only preparation plays an important role here.

– Were there any conflicts with the judges?

– Personally, I do not remember such stories with my participation.

– Are you an introvert?

– Not much. But not as strong as his brother.

– Work, competition. Can you find time for yourself?

– This is the most important technique. It’s called loving-kindness, so I don’t berate myself for mistakes, but rather look with a trainer where a puncture was made.

– How is your ideal day off?

– Lie on your mother’s sofa with your pets. Why from my mother? And because it tastes better from my mother’s plate. I also like going for walks with my brother. Where? Yes, it doesn’t matter where.

– What are your hobbies besides chess?

– I have many hobbies! These are: cross-stitching and self-education, I love history and geography, going to museums and traveling. Continue further? As in a well-known anecdote, in short, I’m not married.


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