Tour de France 2023: meet the cook of the Arkéa Samsic team


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On 19/20 he went to meet Françoise Demeckere, the cook of the Arkéa Samsic team at the 2023 Tour de France. Every day he prepares meals for the eight riders of the team. A cook, but also a confidant.

Francoise Demeckereteam cook Arkea Samsiche knows the roads of the Tour de France by heart. At 69, he proudly participates in his 28th Grande Boucle. This Belgian travels hundreds of kilometers every day to finally reach her runners’ hotel. Each menu is studied with precision, controlled by nutrition specialists. There are eight runners, for three meals a day. On average, chef Françoise cooks three kilos of starch a day. Some foods are unlimited, such as fruits and vegetables.

A cook and a confidant

On the menu that night was asparagus soup with a poached egg, rice and a salmon steak. Between two cooking sessions, the cook does not miss a crumb of the day’s stage. On television, he closely follows the path of his boys. TO 6pmthe runners bus has just returned TO the hotel.It’s nice to have someone to talk to and cook good meals for us every day.“, Simon rejoices Guglielmiteam driver Arkea Samsico. Cook and confidante, Françoise Demeckere empty heads and fill stomachs.

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