Three reasons why Napoli can win the Champions League

A brief history of Napoli’s life this season:

– Summer 2022. Two of the best goalscorers in the club’s history (Mertens and Insigne) are leaving the team, as well as the best defender of recent years, Kalidou Koulibaly. Instead, little-known players were acquired, including Khvicha Kvaratskhelia. The fan reaction is radical they demand the resignation of the president.

First half of the season. Napoli start the season brilliantly, crushing Liverpool in the Champions League, becoming favorites for the Scudetto, but many believe that Luciano Spalletti will traditionally fail in the spring side.

Present tense. Napoli dominates Italy, the team does not have a hint of a recession, the club for the first time in history reaches the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Photo source: FC Napoli

And only now Napoli began to be perceived as a real contender for victory in the main European tournament. What are the real reasons for this?

1. Draw

A rather mediocre Eintracht advanced to the round of 16 from Napoli, and then anyone could get to the club, including Bayern, Manchester City and Real Madrid, but they were lucky to get to the well-known Milan, and even not in the best condition. The teams have already met this season, and then the Neapolitans turned out to be stronger with a score of 2:1, and even on the road.

In general, if Napoli outrun their compatriots, then someone from the Inter / Benfica duo is waiting for them ahead. More than passable rivals. And only in the final they will wait for a truly great.

Photo source: FC Napoli

2. Serie A standings

In favor of “Napoli” is its huge reserve in the Italian championship (18 points). No club that still continues to fight for the Champions League has such a privilege. Bayern, who usually dominate the Bundesliga, are also likely to push their pursuers back until the last round.

Only Spalletti can focus on the Champions League, and this is worth a lot, especially at the end of the season.

Photo source: FC Napoli

3. Compositional depth

Even before the start of the season it was thought that it might turn out to be unusual due to the 2022 Winter World Cup, and these words are now taking on real meaning. Some of the entire Napoli squad went to the World Cup, which also contrasts strongly against the background of, for example, Real Madrid and Chelsea.

Luciano Spalletti wisely took advantage of the situation. Throughout the season, he not only gives preference to 11 players, but actively rotates them, thanks to which the team looks cheerful and fresh, which is especially impressive against the background of an energy-intensive style of play.

Khvicha and Osimhen are the main trump cards of the team that can bring victory in the Champions League, but besides them there are also tough players, including those who often start on the bench. Osimhen himself has two substitutes – Raspadori and Simeone, who have 8 goals in the current Champions League, which, for example, is only two less than Chelsea, Borussia and Inter in the entire group stage.

Photo source: FC Napoli

Other clubs also have great squads, but it’s Napoli that seems very balanced and played, which others lack.

Napoli are by no means the favorites of the tournament, but they will have to contend with all the remaining participants in the Champions League. A young and daring team that is doing great is a very scary opponent for any top club. Napoli can do what Ajax couldn’t do a few years ago, who stumbled a step before the final. And if you compare the Neapolitans with the Dutch of that type, then the Italians look really mature and ready for a historic victory.


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