They smashed their heads with a mug of beer. The former CSKA hockey player was in intensive care

The former CSKA youth hockey player ended up in intensive care in Moscow. In one of the bars in the center of the capital, an athlete was injured in the head with a mug of beer just because he glared at someone.

The story is still fresh in my memory, how a star of Russian basketball and a key player in the capital CSKA Alexei Shved had a fight with visitors at the exit of a restaurant in the center of Moscow, after which a fight broke out, during which he Shved suffered a head injury and almost ended this basketball career as a result (although even now it is still not entirely clear whether Alexei will continue to play or not).

Photo source: Artur Shepelkov’s social network

Another similar story happened in the center of Moscow. In the bar on the Lubyanka, that is, near the Kremlin, on the evening of June 25, the former player of the Red Army MHL club Artur Shepelkov sat until late in the evening. According to eyewitnesses, at about three in the morning, the young man simply looked at another table.

Soon one of the men sitting at the next table approached Arthur and rudely asked him why he was staring at him so intently. Such stories don’t end with an ordinary conversation. The verbal quarrel escalated into a fight. The man picked up a mug of beer and hit Shepelkov on the head with all his strength. Thus, 49-year-old Martur Mkrtchyan turned out to be a brawler. After the accident, Arthur was taken to intensive care with a suspected head injury.

Photo source: VHL

Arthur Shepelkov’s youth hockey career was not so long. The boy was born in May 1989. During his career, he was a fairly large (189 cm) and dense (about 100 kg) defender. As part of the Red Army, the hockey player played from the 2015/2016 season to the 2018/2019 season. In addition to games in the MHL, he was also part of the young army squad at the 2017 World Cup. In total, Arthur played 180 games for the army club, in which he scored three goals and 14 assists. He was also called up to the Russia youth team. Shepelkov did not reach a higher level, did not rise to adult CSKA. After 2019, he didn’t continue his career.


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