They promised to develop youth, but signed the darkness of foreign narrow-mindedness for hundreds of millions and failed

I read the notes in the media and never get tired of being amazed: it turns out that the blue-and-whites, having taken the final ninth place, are the task of the season – you won’t believe it! – satisfied?! This means that the entire top of Dynamo, who flew through one gate to Larionov’s kindergarten, should be left and contracts with them urgently extended.

My indignation knows no bounds! “Dynamo” for “Soviet Sport” is not an empty word. We became close friends with the famous club in the late 90s, supported each other in every possible way, together we pulled national hockey out of the pit of lack of money and oblivion. Only then was our newspaper rising from the ashes, and the blue-white ones remained afloat thanks to the wide patronage of the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Valery Shantsev.

Dynamo executives often came to our office when we were still on Spasoglinishevsky Lane. He helped hold contests for readers. So, they brought us 20 autographed sticks from Bilyaletdinov, Afinogenov, Kharitonov. The president of HC “Dynamo” Sergei Sidorovsky, assessing the inhuman conditions in which we relaunched the large publication, was so moved that he uttered a historic phrase:

– Let’s feed everyone at our base, or something!

Together we cheered in the overcrowded stands of the great Luzhniki, reached the Euroleague final with a Markov space goal, won the national championship in 2000 … And not a single foreign freeloader in the squad!

That is why it is now terribly and painfully to look at what depth our good friends have sunk to.

I repeat once again: I personally have nothing against Alexei Kudashov. I remember very well the current coach of the blue-white trio Krylya Sovetov with Potaichuk and Gordiyuk. I followed the Setunians especially closely, because they were led by Igor Dmitriev, my coach in the youth team.

Alexei Nikolaevich proved a lot as a hockey player at home, in Europe and abroad, but as a coach he won nothing! Okay, Bykov-Zakharkin also didn’t win anything at CSKA, but he made the whole country happy with two consecutive World Cup triumphs.

Something else bothers me. As it suddenly turned out now, Dynamo’s goal for the season was to get into the playoffs ?! Friends, are you serious? I understand the NHL, where 16 more or less equal conference franchises fight for eight Stanley Cup tickets. But what have we seen now in the KHL West?! It was necessary to enter the Gagarin Cup with only 11 applicants! That is, with three extras. At the same time, everyone understood that Kunlun had no claims to anything from the very beginning. Like HC Sochi, whose destiny is to break defeat records. Spartak collapsed after the new year. The unstable Dynamo Minsk made it to the playoffs because someone had to take eighth position.

Nothing can be said – a high goal for the legendary club with the fourth payroll in the West in the unimaginable amount of 550 million rubles for many in the KHL ?! After all, who was moderately swept away by the blue-and-whites in the starting playoff series? Neither CSKA, nor SKA, nor Lokomotiv. They capitulated to the professor’s impoverished schoolchildren, whom no one knew at all six months ago! With the same payment of 315 million, Andrei Razin just derailed the current champions with a total salary of 895 million rubles. Reunited from scratch last season, “Admiral” Leonid Tambiev with a salary fund of 335 million and world record flights last week completely knocked the venerable “Salavat” out of the playoffs!

I’ll make a reservation right away – all the figures are unofficial. Taken from open sources. However, there have been no official denials.

Here the media managed to justify Dynamo’s relegation by saying that Torpedo has bonuses in the playoffs, but Muscovites do not. The naive defenders of this argument only hit the professional feasibility of the blue-white leadership even harder: why didn’t they think of doing it as they did in Nizhny Novgorod ?!

And, of course, the most striking zashkvar – loud rants about betting on one’s own youth with the simultaneous purchase of hundreds of millions of rubles of North American waste from agricultural clubs of the NHL.

It simply defies understanding, how could nearly a third of the team bill be footed for three migrant forwards?! With what fright did the infinitely generous leadership of the blue-and-whites give the Swede Lilja 50 million rubles a year, the Canadians Will – 65, O’Dell – 60 ?! And this despite the latter at the decisive moment last season – right before the series with CSKA! – escaped from the battlefield. Home rolled. Although Canadian Clinkhammer stayed and Swede Lindberg played to the end. What they did with deserters during the Great Patriotic War, there is no need to remind. And then the fugitive coward was bombarded with the money of millions?!

What a long way! Everyone remembers how CSKA reacted to Radulov’s desire from the NHL to go home. The striker has done a lot of good for the army, but he hasn’t been forgiven for his sudden departure abroad. Then they publicly declared: there is no longer such a player for us!

Subsequently, Dynamo brought up the American defender Menell. Definitely – not for a million rubles a month. So four age agreements ate at least 200 million of Dinamo’s salary fund, and the return to the series with Torpedo was 4 goals in six games. Except O’Dell, who, by definition, shouldn’t have been on the team. At the same time, all these janitors spent a lot of time on the ice, crushing the majority under them, displacing Mironov from the 1st brigade. And productivity is in the region of statistical error!

Is it just how to develop youngsters if they sit on the bench in key segments of matches? If most of them get crumbs of time to play? I can’t understand at all: why is there such fierce discrimination against Russians in the Russian club! Feel the difference: the highest paid natives this season earned 40 million (Mironov, captain of the blue-and-whites), 35 million (goalkeeper Konovalov), 30 million (defender Martynov), Olympic champion Kablukov got 25, and the ‘forward Rashevsky, who played in the Russian national team, up to re-signing the plowed contract for pathetic, by the standards of the KHL, eight million rubles!

A monstrous admiration for the West, and in its worst manifestations. Jagrs with Haseks no longer come to us. They say one thing, but in fact – quite the opposite!

Fortunately, there are enough clubs in the KHL where the public is not fooled. They announced in Lokomotiv and SKA, Ak Bars and Torpedo that from now on they will bet on Russians with an emphasis on their pupils and did not deviate from the only right path. A minimum of foreigners in CSKA, Severstal, Neftekhimik. Have the teams gotten weaker? Obviously not!

This is an example of the same “Dynamo” to follow, trusted by practice! Including his times by Vladimir Yurzinov.


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