There is no Malcolm, but there is victory. Zenit converted the majority better than SKA

The first round of the Russian Premier League is in full swing. Our championship traditionally brings surprises, in the two opening meetings Dynamo and CSKA were defeated, and Krasnodar and Ural, respectively, scored three points each. Pari NN and Zenit were next in line.

The current champion of Russia has made a noticeable noise this off-season. The team was shaken from time to time by rumors about the departure of the Brazilian star. Wendel was the first to inform about his desire to leave the St. Petersburg club. The linebacker missed the entire preseason and Super Bowl game. Now the player is in Russia, but only to persuade the club’s management to let him go. In addition, Daler Kuzyaev left the blue-white-blue, the Russian finally managed to leave for Europe, joined the French Le Havre.

But these are all flowers compared to the fact that Zenit can leave the team’s top scorer and key player – Malcolm. Over the past month, the press has been actively discussing Saudi Al-Hilal’s proposal. The sheikhs have seriously set their sights on the Russian Brazilian. Before the match with Pari NN, Petrograd head coach Sergey Semak confirmed the fact of the negotiations and left the player on the bench. Instead, Zelimkhan Bakaev appeared in the squad.


Zenith out

Quite unexpectedly, but it was the Nizhny Novgorod team that looked much better in the first half. Sergey Yuran’s team played on equal terms with the defending champion, also finding the key to their success in shooting. Twice at the beginning of the match and once again before the break, Zhivoglyadov dangerously threw the ball from behind the wing from the right flank, and all three times it became dangerous in the Zenit penalty area. In two cases Kalinsky struck from outside the penalty area. However, these attempts lacked some accuracy.

It’s nothing new that Yuran pays particular attention to set-pieces, but it seems Zenit weren’t ready for throw-ins. Yes, and at high pressure from Sevikyan and Suleymanov too. Pitertsy frankly had the role to make up ground in the first half. In a few moments, blue-white-blue created next to nothing in a full 45 minutes.


For Zenit, the situation on the field was as sad as in the match with CSKA. The total 82% property was completely barren. Other than Cassierra hitting the crossbar, the St. Petersburg team didn’t bring anything to their credit. During the break, Sergei Semak had to do very serious work and shake up the team.

Caught in mistakes

However, in the second half the situation did not change radically from what the Nizhny Novgorod crowd saw in the first 45 minutes. “Zenith” continued to own the ball, but it was all in vain. Exactly until the moment when the defender of “Paris NN” Viktor Alexandrov decided to get into a rather tough seam.

Referee Sergei Ivanov immediately stopped the game and decided to show a red card. Yes, there was a violation, but the fact that he was attracted to frank removal – maybe not. Juran was also outraged by this, but what can you do.


Literally in the next attack on the majority, the representatives of the St. Petersburg club created their most dangerous moment in this meeting. A throw in the penalty area, where Bakaev catches him, who knows why no one holds him back. Discount on Cassier, and then the Colombian did not forgive. The ball went through the net. Thus, the Nizhny players found themselves in a very unpleasant situation, but they had about 30 minutes ahead of them to try to win back the minority.

the bench decides

However, after the removal, the Nizhny Novgorod team could not get back into the game. All attempts to create danger at the gates of rivals were drowned out on the way to someone else’s penalty area. Furthermore, the bench didn’t really allow us to strengthen the game, contrary to the permutations on the Zenit pitch. Sutormin and Mantovan significantly increased the pressure.

In the 83rd minute the Petrograders staged a quick attack. Karavaev dragged the ball down the flank and shot at Cassier himself. The Colombian was just amazing today. Second shot on goal and second goal. The removal frankly leveled Pari NN’s chances of recovery.

And leaderless is fine


As a result, “Zenith”, despite the rather successful first half, frankly overtook the opponent after the break. Even SKA can envy such an implementation of the majority. Despite the lack of leaders, Sergey Semak proves he can keep his mark.


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