The worst boxer in the world won for the first time. His rival sobbed at this humiliation

There are such boxers who came to this sport with the ambition not to crush all their rivals with furious knockouts, but, on the contrary, to be the very “bags” on which novice boxers make a fight assessment. We have repeatedly observed such scenarios in the cinema, even the legendary film “Rocky” with Sylvester Stallone begins with such a description of the protagonist. But Briton Jake Pollard went even further. He decided to lose all his fights in the ring. However, in the anniversary battle, for some reason, he defeated an inexperienced opponent.

The entire career of Jake Pollard, a native of the British town of Wilkshire, falls under one special concept – a mismatch. The term “mismatch” means a sporting event where there is no intrigue and the winner of the duel is known in advance. Bookmakers interpret the discrepancies as follows: one boxer is a clear favorite, and the second is an obvious loser. That’s where the difference in rates comes from.

Pollard is not that old by boxing standards – he was born in 1991 and appeared in the professional ring in early 2018. From this moment, the countdown to his only losing streak begins. In just over five years, Jake managed to fight 50 fights, most of them with rookies or those just starting their boxing journey. Pollard spent all his fights in the UK, his rivals were from the same place. Sort of a home “bag”, but with hints of entering the Guinness Book of Records as a man who hasn’t won a single fight in his life.

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But something went wrong this weekend. Everything was routine. Jake Pollard’s opponent was another win hungry MMA boxing rookie named Louis Smithson. The boy wanted to start his ascent easier. Pollard is perfectly suited to the role of a pear who will pave the way for a young boy to Olympus. However, even before the start of the exciting action, Jake, who had dug deep into last place in the rankings of the British organization BoxRec, was promoted absolutely unreasonably. BoxRec has decided, for no apparent reason, to raise the “purse” by 400 places at once. As a result, the “record holder” settled in a comfortable 804th place.


The bookies have been embarrassed. Jake probably knew a thing or two about financial aid before the fight, and in his 50th anniversary fight, he decided to hang on and even go for the win. Confident of inevitable success, Smithson almost burst into tears in the ring, because the “honor” of losing to the worst boxer in history immediately puts an end to his, in principle, unstarted career. And wily Pollard will now rise even further up the boxing promotion ladder and, given the corruption component of world boxing, as well as his deplorable background, can aim for some third-rate titleholders.


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