the Unfp denounces an “incredible situation” and says it is “ready to defend” the Parisian captain

Kylian Mbappé has been sidelined by PSG since his tour of Japan, while the forward has yet to renew his contract.

“We’re in for a crazy thing!” Philippe Piat, the president of the UNFP, the professional footballers’ union, denounced the situation of Kylian Mbappé, sidelined by PSG, on Saturday 22 July on franceinfo. The Parisian captain has been deprived of the club’s tour of Japan due to uncertainty surrounding his future. His contract will expire next June, but the forward hasn’t extended it yet. For PSG, it is out of the question to see him leave for free in 2024. Either he signs a new contract or he leaves.

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“Anyone who has a fixed-term contract, which will expire next year, and who wants to respect it, suddenly, is either blacklisted or fired”, asks Philippe Piat. “It’s something incredible.”

A precedent at PSG from two years ago

“We are ready to defend the player if the opportunity arises”, assures the president of the UNFP. Philippe Piat recalls that, “in the rules”clubs have the right to manage their own squad “the way they think well until September 1st”. But he specifies that from 1 September “the club will no longer be able to manage its staff without falling into illegality”.

The head of the UNFP believes that the Parisian captain wants “rescind his contract” which will end in 2024. “If his desire isn’t to extend, we don’t have to threaten him into extending.” Philippe Piat evokes “a precedent” to PSG. “We must remember that two years ago, with Adrien Rabiot, it was like this. Later, Paris Saint-Germain bit their fingers for behaving like this.” Adrien Rabiot who, “now, enjoy the good days of Juventus”.

A form of bullying

More broadly, UNFP now targets all clubs that charter what is called a mezzanine. It is the fact of removing the players under contract from the professional group that we want to see leave. They train by themselves. It’s a way for clubs to let these players know they are no longer welcome. According to the union, 187 Ligue 1 players found themselves in this situation at one time or another last year.

Currently in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, “more than 150 players are ‘lofted'”, explains Philippe Piat. According to the UNFP, “fifteen” of players“complained to the league’s legal committee to enforce their contract”. But others “Not”and they expect union support because “They’re afraid of being blacklisted and having negative repercussions. They’re hoping things will settle down.”

UNFP regards these practices as “moral harassment”. This is already the case with “three players”assures Philippe Piat. “We wanted the Ministry of Sport to take note of it. For the moment it hasn’t been like this.” But he hopes so, as is Kylian Mbappé “the world star, maybe he will move a little better than so far”.

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