The Russian athlete was hunted after winning the European championship. Even the flag of Cyprus did not help.

More recently, high jumper Elena Kulichenko complained that she was sometimes often condemned on social networks for her decision to represent Cyprus in the international arena. And this despite the fact that she more than once or twice told in detail about how she got the passport of this island state. Her father is a businessman who has made a significant contribution to the Cypriot economy and could, under local law, apply for citizenship for himself and his immediate family.

At the same time, Elena’s transition to the Cypriot flag took place in the distant 2021 and has nothing to do with recent political events. Kulichenko just wanted to compete in the international arena, which was extremely difficult due to the removal of ARAF. But after Elena won the European Youth Championship for her new country (which, in turn, was the first victory for Cypriot athletes in competitions of this level), she faced a real stream of hatred from the foreign sports community, after which mild reproaches from the Russian-speaking guests of her page could seem, as they say, chatter.

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“Something Absurd”

Having received a well-deserved gold medal, Elena noted with pleasure that now those who write to her from Russia mainly congratulate her on her successes. But insults and even threats began to come from other countries. The more cautious of critics have tried to point out that Kulichenko still remains Russian – and her display under the Cyprus flag is nothing more than an attempt to circumvent the imposed restrictions.

Some have gone so far as to say that Elena is part of a cunning plan by Russian sports officials to send their athletes to competitions under sanctions. Then the real persecution began. The most radical haters openly wished the girl a quick death, which did not fit into any framework at all. Elena herself, speaking in her interviews about this situation, tried to maintain a semblance of calm, calling the actions of the offenders absurd, but what she actually felt at the moment of receiving such messages can only be guessed.

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For new hits

The main thing that you can wish Elena in this situation is not to succumb to provocations and not enter into a dialogue with the authors of such statements. She is officially admitted to international competitions and cannot be denied entry in most of the countries where competitions are held, even for formal reasons, as she is a citizen of Cyprus.

Of course, it is very difficult for a very young athlete to keep her composure when rivers of insults are pouring on her from all sides, but in this case the position is from a well-known Russian proverb “The dog barks, but the caravan goes on” is the truest. Ahead of Elena is an already difficult period of transition to an adult level. And if she manages to cope with the psychological pressure, we can hear more than once about her new victories.


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