The promoter spoke about the prospects for the development of women’s MMA in Russia

“Many may say I am against women’s struggles and it won’t be interesting to watch them, I completely disagree with that statement. Dana White also said something similar in 2011, and then the women’s fight led the UFC numbered tournament. Because there are many Russian women in the West and there are few women’s struggles in Russia, so we decided to correct this situation and created the first women’s division in Russia. Women’s fights are in no way inferior to men’s, and sometimes they are even more spectacular,” Harutyunyan said.

At the Our Business tournament, which will be held on March 16, in the final of the Women’s Grand Prix, Siana Shakhsinova will meet with Christina Stepanyan. Siana Shakhsinova and Kristina Stepanyan will fight in the final of the Women’s Grand Prix for the title of winner. Previously, Siana and Christina showed an excellent level in the cage.

Women’s MMA in Russia is dormant. Russian promotions have absolutely stopped developing this direction. The female fighters arrive in complete darkness and are unable to perform. The Grand Prix held by Nashe Delo is a great opportunity to express yourself. We hope this does not become a single action and that the promotion implements this practice. Women’s MMA is an integral part of mixed martial arts, which is paid very little attention in Russia


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