The Poles have dishonored the whole world! The state machine was frightened by a simple Russian tennis player

Russian Vera Zvonareva has long been outside the best tennis players in the world. Although it seems that not too long ago we all rejoiced in her victories and expected her to lead the WTA rankings. Moreover, there was every chance for this, in October 2010 she occupied the second line. But let’s get back to reality, now Vera doesn’t please us so often with her game and above all she doesn’t perform in the biggest tournaments. In July, Zvonareva was supposed to play in Warsaw, but events unfolded in a completely unimaginable way.

From 24 to 26 July the WTA-250 tournament will be held in the capital of Poland. It appears to be a run-of-the-mill, run-of-the-mill event on the world tennis calendar. But the country’s sports minister Kamil Bortnichuk decided to express his “fi” to the two participants of the tournament – Russian Vera Zvonareva and Belarusian Alexandra Sasnovich.

“I strongly disagree with the WTA and ATP policy regarding the participation of Russian and Belarusian players in tournaments. If tennis players from these countries are present at the tournament in Warsaw, I will avoid matches with their participation” Bortnichuk said.

On the one hand, well, it won’t come and it won’t come. However, the day after her comments to the tennis players, it became known that Vera had simply been refused entry to Poland.

“Yesterday, July 21, border guards did not allow a Russian tennis player to enter Poland. Vera Zvonareva, with a visa issued by France, attempted to enter our country on a flight from Belgrade to Warsaw. Arriving from Serbia, the tennis player remained in the transit area of ​​Warsaw’s Chopin Airport and flew to Podgorica after 12:00 today,” the country’s Interior Ministry said in a statement.

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Please note that our tennis player is on the list of people whose stay on the territory of Poland is undesirable and she was not allowed into the country by the border guard “for reasons of national security and public order”.

We, like you, don’t know how a fragile girl can threaten the security of an entire country. One way or another, Vera is unlikely to perform at the tournament in Warsaw. The organizers of her and, in particular, Bortnichuk with such an act only disgraced themselves and their tournament. At the same time, they expressed their disrespect not only for female athletes, but also for the WTA (World Women’s Tennis Association), which allowed girls to compete in the tournament. In fact, the unbridled organizers did not give a damn about the opinion of the organization that had entrusted them with the conduct of the tournament.

And here we are not talking about the fact that the Russian athlete was offended. And about the fact that the Poles themselves are so vindictive and powerless that they are already committing uniform lawlessness. And now they will have to answer to the WTA for their arbitrariness. We do not undertake to make predictions and bets that Vera will play in Warsaw (probably not even worth it), it is already curious how the world tennis authorities will react. Don’t think our girl has been insulted, they have already been humiliated.


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