“The party was ruined,” complained the mayor of Bordeaux, Pierre Hurmic

The Ligue 2 match between Bordeaux and Rodez this Friday had to be stopped. A spectator came onto the pitch and bumped into a Rodez player. The mayor of Bordeaux denounces “irresponsible behavior which is not significant of what the Girondin public is”.

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The Bordeaux-Rodez match, at the Matmut Atlantique stadium on June 2, 2023, had to be stopped.  (DAVID THIERRY / MAXPPP)

“The party was ruined. One person in 42,000 was enough to ruin the party. I find that quite regrettable”, Pierre Hurmic, mayor of Bordeaux, reacted on franceinfo on Friday June 2, after the Bordeaux-Rodez Ligue 2 match was interrupted. During this match which counts for the last day of the championship, a spectator went onto the grass and bumped Lucas Buade, a player from Rodez who had just opened the scoring.

>> Ligue 2: a player attacked during Bordeaux-Rodez, the match has definitively stopped

Pierre Hurmic shares his “big disappointment”while the match “it started well, a real sporting competition” that was announced “pretty promising”. Complaint “irresponsible behavior which is not significant of what the Girondin public is”.

Fearing that the Rodez players will not return to the field after the match has been stopped, the mayor of Bordeaux went to meet the president of Rodez Aveyron Football, Pierre-Olivier Murat, to tell him, “A match like this is not won by refusing to take the field”. According to Pierre Hurmic, Pierre-Olivier Murat answered him “in a very sporty way” : “the decision is not ours, the decision is in the hands of the referee”. The mayor of Bordeaux ensures that the president of Rodez has denied having had “the intention to resume the game”adding, “I’m an athlete, I prefer to win the match sportingly rather than in these conditions”.

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