the Palace of Versailles is preparing to host equestrian events



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500 days before the Olympic Games in Paris, the Palace of Versailles is preparing to host equestrian events in the best possible way.

No need to introduce it, for centuries Versailles made France shine in the world. For one summer, the castle will lend part of its gardens to the Olympic Games. 500 days before the start of the Olympic Games, the Royal Star is the venue for an extraordinary on-site meeting. Anne Murac is the site manager. About fifty people gathered in front of her to prepare for the horse races.

“An extraordinary environment”

For now, we have to be imaginative. “We will have the large main quarry with its large grandstands facing the Palace of Versailles. All the people who come to watch the horse races will find themselves in front of the castle and the Grand Canal, in an extraordinary setting.“, summarizes Anne Murac. Archaeological excavations have been carried out on the site and the posts already indicate the route of the cross-country track. The castle will remain open during the Games. The castle is still in time, the infrastructure will be installed in a year.

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