the organization of the Olympic Games is a godsend for the occupation


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The organization of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games represents a major economic challenge with the key to many jobs. On the set of 19/20, reporter Catherine Rougerie takes stock.

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games represent an economic challenge for the entire national territory. On the set of 19/20, reporter Catherine Rougerie points it out “the first benefits are in terms of employment”. “More than 2,200 workers have worked or are currently active in the Olympic Village alone. And if you consider all the infrastructure, the Olympic Aquatic Center, the gymnasiums, the police and fire station in the vicinity of the athletes village, the media center, which accounts for nearly 11,700 jobs.”explains.

2,800 jobs within the organizing committee

Other sectors are looking for workers. 77,300 people will work on the organization of the Games itself, “in the fields of security, entertainment and audiovisual, transport, communication and marketing, cleaning and waste management”, explains the journalist. 60,000 new hires are also expected, particularly in the hotel and restaurant sector. Finally, Catherine Rougerie indicates that “nearly 2,800 people remain to be hired within the Paris 2024 organizing committee”.

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