The lynx became the mascot of the II Games of the CIS countries (photo)

The lynx Lynx has become the mascot of the II Games of the Commonwealth of Independent States, according to the website of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus.

The Organizing Committee has approved the logo, the mascot and the motto of the sports competition. The logo reflects a number of characteristic elements of Belarus. In the dynamic stylization of the logo, the cornflower is a symbol of hospitality and friendliness, it is dominated by the colors blue and cornflower blue. Along the edges of the logo you can also see red, black, green and yellow petals, the colors of the worldwide Olympic movement. Even the motto of the Games was approved: “Strong character – a brilliant game!”

The mascot of the Games is an original Belarusian lynx called Lynx. In heraldry, the lynx is always described as a swift and agile beast, possessing intelligence and a sharp mind, all ideal qualities for a sports mascot. If you look in more detail, you can see patterns on the lynx’s body made in the style little girls»inspired by artist Alena Kish»– the press service of the committee quotes the words of the head of the marketing department of the NOC.

II Games of the CIS countries from August 4 to 14 in Belarusand approximately 3,000 athletes are expected to participate. It is expected to involve 900 volunteers in the Games. The competition program includes competitions in 20 sports. The Games of the CIS countries were held in 2021 in KAzani


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