the Grande Boucle seen from the sky


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France 2

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France 2 – G.Naboulet, O.Gardette, B.Poulain, J.Sarfati, M.Lelièvre, A.Espitia

France Televisions

What better vantage point to watch the Tour de France than from the helicopter responsible for the television broadcast? Landscapes of mountains, rivers, monuments… The sporting competition offers a real journey to the heart of France.

From the ocean to the mountains, from the city to the countryside, the Tour de France is a show to be experienced from above. Every day two helicopters film the race. On board, a pilot and a cameraman, whose goal is to enhance the landscape, without missing anything from the race. For this, they have a logbook detailing the must-see sights of the day. “Be it monuments, lakes, buildings… We have all the points listed with their coordinates”explains Frédéric Francomme, pilot.

Images broadcast in 190 countries

Two huge cameras equip the helicopters, a large one for landscapes and a smaller one for sports. And the public competes in ingenuity to attract the cameras: decorations with straw bales, dances, choreography… The cameraman must have an eye everywhere. These images are then broadcast to 190 countries around the world.

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