the French athletes have previewed the unfolding of the opening ceremony



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France 2 – M. Boisseau, G. Naboulet, A. Nys, J. Pelletier, L. Loisel

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One year before the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, French athletes paraded on part of the opening ceremony course this afternoon of Tuesday 25 July.

For this anniversary, countdown style, almost a year before the Paris 2024 Games, the candle is an Olympic torch that has not yet been lit. But this Tuesday July 25, French athletes, retired or active, smiled, because they received several gifts: first an athletics legend, the Jamaican Usain bolt. The champion was, in fact, within range of the cameras. Then, an inspection, with a preview visit of the route of the opening ceremony on the Seine in the heart of the capital.

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There Marseillaise tuned is not yet that of victory, but that of enthusiasm. And for as precise a taste as possible, the athletes embarked on the barge that will be that of the French D-Day delegation. When this cruise arrived, a joyful wave conquered the public on the docks. The Paris 2024 supporters club has given a voice.

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